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French Foie Gras Makers Protest California Ban

French foie gras makers protest California banrelated news 2012-06-30 WorldNetDaily (THE LOCAL) — France’s foie gras industry says legislation due to come into force in California on July 1…

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Today’s Flower: Bloody Geranium

Distribution ( Text from Wikipedia) Geranium sanguineum is native from Europe and temperate Asia. It is widespread in most of Europe up to Caucasus. In the north-east of Ireland it a rare garden escape.[4]  Habitat The typical habitat of this … Continue reading

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A Little Birding

1) Songlark 2) Greenfinch) 3) Canada Goslings

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Help Thailand hornbills

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This video is called Singapore Hornbill Project – Return of the King. From Wildlife Extra: Thai hornbills supported by UK charity Money donated by Colchester Zoo’s charity Action for the Wild supports vital…

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Big Oil threatens Norwegian seabirds

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This is a video about Steller’s eider ducks. The Norwegian Ornithological Society warns that oil drilling in the Barents Sea to the north of Norway threatens various seabird species. These species include Steller’s…

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Spain As Well: Wildfires Destroy Vast Areas Of Forests

The Star2012-06-30:                      VALENCIA: Nearly 1,000 Spanish firefighters backed by 28 water-bombing aircraft and helicopters Saturday sought to contain wildfires that had razed vast forest areas and threatened villages….                  more » Photo: AP

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Hard Work Ahead For EPA

The Examiner2012-06-30:                      This year started out with calls from the field of Republican presidential candidates to throw out the Environmental Protection Agency and turn back the clock on decades of pollution control regulations that have led to the cleaner … Continue reading

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