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Deadly Viruse May Spread to Critically Endangered Gorillas

A virus causing deadly respiratory diseases in humans can be passed on to mountain gorillas in Central Africa, researchers have found. Researchers who spent time in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park said they found traces of human metapneumovirus during post-mortem examinations … Continue reading

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Gardening is Good For You

Gardening is good for you in many ways. Besides giving you better views to enjoy, gardening improves your physical, nutritional and mental health. Here’s how, courtesy Bonnie Plants, a label you’ll see on many vegetable and herb plants available for … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Gases Emissions Rise to Peak Levels

The latest official figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change showed a rise in the six major greenhouse gases last year of 2.8 per cent to 582 million tonnes. The increase was blamed on the economic recovery as … Continue reading

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Fatal Bat fungus Spread to Ohio

COLUMBUS: State wildlife officials say a disease that has killed more than 1 million bats in eastern North America has spread to Ohio. The fungus that causes lesions on bats’ muzzles was found recently on bats in an abandoned limestone … Continue reading

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Whale and Dolphin Death 50 Times Worse Than Estimated In Horizon Deep Well

Whale and dolphin death toll during Deepwater disaster may have been greatly underestimated April 2011. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 devastated the Gulf of Mexico ecologically and economically. However, a new study published in Conservation Letters reveals that … Continue reading

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March 31, 2010—Fewer Lapwings this Year

Lapwings as most waders have undergone a steep population decline. It’s even obvious after a quick glance.

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March 30, 2010—A Look Back

It’s good to compare winters , as it seems on the pic, the previous winter wa still colder.

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Mafia Uses Wind Power Industry To Get Power and Cash

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Fox is Out Hunting, Uppland—Part I

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Ett kort inlägg ang. ett Viltdjursjukhus

Det står utom all tvivel att ett sådant skall upprättas fortast möjligt. Sverige är ett u-land på den fronten. ETT DJURSJUKHUS SKALL INTE DRIVAS PRIVAT AV NÅGON ORGANISATION, UTAN VARA I STATLIG REGI. So is it in Estonia , where wildlife care … Continue reading

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