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Riders Also Know This Proverb: “When Violence Starts, Then Stops The Art Of Riding!”

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There Is An Old Estonian Farming Proverb Saying: ” You Don’t Solve Anything With A Fight “

Photo: Ann Novek

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BBC: Best Ever Video Of A Golden Eagle!


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Tell the President to #BeeKindObama and suspend bee-toxic neonics!

Originally posted on GarryRogers Nature Conservation:
In June, the President called on federal agencies to create a plan to “promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators.” To show appreciation for all that bees and wild pollinators provide, it…

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Monumental Portraits Of Ancient Trees Reveal Some Of Earth’s Oldest Living Wonders

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To the non-phytomaniac, the word “baobab” might as well refer to a rare breed of primates or a minuscule kind of bacteria living on the edges of eyelashes. But, for those well versed in the…

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Winter Storms Mean Deadly Peril for Wildlife — But These WildCare Patient Survived!

Originally posted on Emilio Cogliani:
WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital treats nearly 4,000 ill, injured and orphaned wild animal patients from over 200 species every year. These are three patients’ stories. As last week’s monster storm lumbered toward the San Francisco Bay…

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Bird of the Day: Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Nandi Hills, Karnataka)

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