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Is Western media’s indifference to Ukraine dangerous for Lithuania?

Originally posted on Paper to Use:
Major English-speaking TV channels do not devote enough attention to the events in Ukraine, even though the battles are more blood-stained than in other countries, notes philosopher Gintautas Mažeikis. According to him, it is…

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NATO, The Baltic States And Poland. Why We Need NATO.

Poland, The Baltic States have had the most cruel WWII records with millions of casualities. This is nothing I’m gonna hide , but its current Russia who is the biggest threat to Peace and withPutins landgrabs in Crimea and Ukraine are … Continue reading

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USA says “no” to permanent NATO bases in Eastern Europe.Merkel And Germans Also Oppose , Shaking Of Fear of Putin

A World without leaders. A World consisting of cowards. The US totally without guts. Hahah, Putin warned the West yesterday and reminded them that he had nukes.  Germany Gazprom’s whore. A despiseful bunch of people!

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University Professor In China From Norway: China Has Banned ” Science”, The Journal

Kinesisk censur Blogg: Lars Olof Björn censur Kina Science Publicerad 2014-08-29 1 reaktion <!– –> Den 22 augusti laddade jag som vanligt ned några artiklar ur Science som jag tyckte såg intressanta ut, strax efter det att tidskriften blivit tillgänglig … Continue reading

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Pain Research: Girls That Suffer From Pain Are Whinging Meanwhile Boys Are Activeating Themselves, Which Gives Better Result

Pojkar och flickor reagerar olika på smärta Flickor som har ont ältar medan pojkarna aktiverar sig, vilket är en bättre strategi. Det visar en avhandling vid Uppsala universitet, av fysioterapeuten Sara Holm. I en delstudie har hon bett 133 barn … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Sweden’s Highest Mountain Kebnekaise Reached Lowest Point

Sociologi   Snö- och istäcket smälter på Sveriges högsta berg, Kebnekaises sydtopp. Bild: IStock   Kebnekaises sydtopp krymper alltjämnt Sveriges högsta berg är nu lägst på drygt 100 år. Kebnekaises snötäckta sydtopp smälte under årets varma sommar – när den mättes … Continue reading

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PLOs ONE: What’s The Buzz On Bee Pathogens?

What’s the Buzz on Bee Pathogens? By PLOS PathogensPosted: August 15, 2014   X Hello there! If you enjoy the content on PLOS Biologue, consider subscribing for future posts via email or RSS feed.   US National Honey Bee Day … Continue reading

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Estonia: Ringed Seal; The Southermost Population In The World, Numbers About 1500 Seals; Critically Endangered

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The Symbol Colors Of The Estonian Flag—We Have Been Slaves

The Golden Oriole sings according to the legends: ” Peeo-leeo, kas veel Tiit on teeol” Roughly translated the Oriole asks if Tiit is still on the fields doing slavery work.       The flag was created by Aleksander Mõtus. The colors of … Continue reading

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Estonian Birds: Honey-Buzzard ( Photo: Wikipedia)

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