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Butterflies More Endangered Than Tigers

The Daily Telegraph2012-08-30:                      Bumblebees, beetles and butterflies are at greater risk of extinction than lions and tigers, according to a global study by the Zoological Society of London. The large blue butterfly  By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent 10:00PM BST … Continue reading

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More Horses:))))

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Today’s Bird: Grey Wagtail ( Poor Pic, but only for my Stats)/ Forsärla, A Quite Rare Bird

Latin name ( Grey Wagtail) Motacilla cinerea Family Pipits and wagtails (Motacillidae) Overview The grey wagtail is more colourful than its name suggests with slate grey upper parts and distinctive lemon yellow under-tail. Its tail is noticeably longer than those … Continue reading

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Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy

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Largest Marine Park

Originally posted on Organikos:
Click the image above to go to the story: Two of the world’s smallest countries are to place nearly 2.5 million square kilometres of south Pacific Ocean in newly created marine protected areas. The Cook Islands,…

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Today’s Funny Car No 1: The Old VW

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Whale Shark Feeding Brings Tourists To Thailand

Huffington Post2012-05-24:                      Last year, fishermen from the tiny Philippine town of Oslob got very famous very fast. A small group of men, who made a meager living catching fish from their outrigger canoes, started doing something no one else … Continue reading

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National Wildlife Day: Preserve, Protect , Save Wildlife

September 4 is National Wildlife Day, an annual “holiday” that raises awareness about the plight of endangered animals around the world. National Wildlife DayView slideshow: National Wildlife Day: The Plight of Threatened & Endangered Animals Around the World (Amazing Animal

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Last Summer Nature Walk…Now It’s Autumn Walk

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Gorillas And Chimps Threaten By Human Disease

BBC News2012-08-30:                      By Matt Walker Editor, BBC Nature Continue reading the main story Related Stories Why do zoo apes get heart disease? In a bid to save wild apes from extinction, people may be unwittingly infecting them with potentially … Continue reading

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