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Orava Kasukas Muutub Talvemaks

muutub talvisemaks 31.10.2014 – 10:44 |  Looduskalender Fotod: Arne Ader Orav Harilik orav         Sciurus vulgaris Päikesepaistelise ilmaga tegutsevad inimestega harjunud oravad meelsasti parkides ja kalmistutel, loomulikult ka metsas, aga seal on jälgivaid silmapaare vähem või kas ikka on – ohtusid jagub … Continue reading

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‘Divide and rule’—raven politics

Originally posted on World of Birds:
Cognitive biologists now revealed that ravens use a “divide and rule” strategy in dealing with the bonds of conspecifics. Credit: Jorg Massen Mythology has attributed many supernatural features to ravens. Studies on the cognitive…

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Estonian Satire About Themselves: We Are Seeing Flying Boats Everywhere

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Russia Today: Europe To Pay For Ukraine Mess :(((((((((

‘Europe to pay for the whole mess in Ukraine’ Get short URL Published time: October 31, 2014 13:08 Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak (L), Ukraine’s Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuri Prodan (R), European Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso (C) … Continue reading

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Rise In Uk Children Considering Suicide

Cry for help: Rise in UK children considering suicide, social media blamed Published time: October 31, 2014 17:45 Get short URL Reuters/Suhaib Salem childline.jpg&aa=0&csi=undefined&toLoJson=uvs%3D5453ccbe3035e1d0000&rev=9.0&ct=1&xld=1&xd=1 54 FacebookTwitterRedditStumbleUponGoogle+Tumblr Tags Education, Health, Human rights, Information Technology, Mass media, UK More children in Britain … Continue reading

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Estonia Shows: A Grey Squirrel Eating A Pumpkin

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Estonia Shows: How A Great White Shark Is Following A Surfer


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Finland Shows How Cardrivers Saved A Juvenile Swan


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