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Lion Death – Shocking photographs coming out of Kenya with the deliberate murder of a Lion. The Lion was in Astra ranch machakos area, and killed one sheep that was…

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Elephant Hair Helps Keep Them Cool

The Daily Telegraph2012-10-21:                      Elephants use the hair on their skin to help them stay cool, new research has revealed.   Image 1 of 2 The elephant’s large ears are known to help them stay cool, but new research has shown … Continue reading

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October In My Neighborhood

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Special Teams To Control Animal Sacrifice

The Times of India2012-10-21:                      HYDERABAD: The city police will be teaming up with GHMC and animal husbandry officials to be on a look out for animal sacrifices this Dasara and Bakrid. Senior police officials said that teams comprising officers … Continue reading

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Autums Last Flower In The Garden: Sedum Purple Emperor

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                                  ” To use silence so well:  If I could choose for people one attribute of Elephants,…

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Animal Welfare Group Pushes For Dolphins Release

Taipei Times2012-10-20:                      A Singapore casino resort’s acquisition of dolphins from the Solomon Islands for its marine park contributed to the depletion of the species around the islands, an animal welfare group said on Friday. The Singapore-based Animal Concerns Research … Continue reading

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Survival Of The Fittest —Or The Cat Is Really A Killer Machine!

Don’t know if I’m glad or sad when I saw that the cat had brought this to the veranda! Of course it’s good to not have any rats in your garden, and soon the rat was gone for food for … Continue reading

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Public Opposition Against Animal Testing Grows

The Guardian2012-10-19:                      More than one in three people are against the use of animals in medical research, according to government-funded research Trust in scientists and the rules governing the practice of animal testing is falling, the new research shows. … Continue reading

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“Frankentree” Fiasco Cuts Cocoa Supply A cloning technique aimed at increasing cocoa output by hastening seed production has led instead to sickly, misshapen trees, dubbed “Frankentrees,” that topple under their own weight and yield poor-quality beans. Typical cocoa…

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