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Bird of the Day: Newly-hatched Whimbrel (Churchill, Canada)

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Ejdern Minskar Dramatiskt I Skärgården ( Eider Population In Sweden Is Dramatically On The Decline)

Skärgårdsstiftelsens inventering av djurlivet visar att ejdern idag nästan helt är borta från de yttre delarna av skärgården. Det är ABC som rapporterar att ejdern, skärgådsfågeln framför andra, idag nästan helt är borta från de yttre delarna av skärgården. – … Continue reading

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Polisanmälan: Skoterhets Mot Junselevargen ( Famous Wolf Claimed To lllegally Hunted By Scoter In Sweden)

En person har anmält otillåten jakt på den riksbekanta Junselevargen, rapporterar Skoterjakten skulle ha skett för att ringa in vargarna och underlätta jakt i samband med att Naturvårdsverket fattade sitt beslut om skyddsjakt. Men Förvaltningsrätten stoppade en kort tid … Continue reading

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Today’s Bird In The Garden: Two Male Bullfinches

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My Father, My Hero, WWII Soldier , Survivor And Doctor

The last WWII Soldiers are now all almost gone now. My family comes from Estonia. Estonia has since ancient times been occupied by Russians and Germans. They were only free after a short moment after WWI. During WWII they were … Continue reading

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Repost: Old Vintages Photos From Estonia Showing Compassionate Farming


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Building Bridges or Killing Elephants?

Originally posted on Fight for Rhinos:
China’s ever-increasing presence in African countries can’t be ignored. Since the 90’s, China has been staking its claim in oil, infrastructure and mining projects across the dark continent. What does their business mean to…

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Cows: Not Meant To Be Ritual Slaughtered Or Live In Factory Farms! They Deserve To Be Free Range On An Organic Farm

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China: Top Buyer Of Illegal Timber Drives Deforestation

China: Top buyer of illegal timber drives deforestation November 29, 2012 BEIJING: China, emergent superpower and the world’s second biggest economy, is effectively standing on the sidelines as its exponential growth devastates forests in a trade worth billions of dollars … Continue reading

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My European Hares

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