French Foie Gras Makers Protest California Ban

French foie gras makers protest California banrelated news

(THE LOCAL) — France’s foie gras industry says legislation due to come into force in California on July 1…

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20 Responses to French Foie Gras Makers Protest California Ban

  1. Horrible! I am glad I do not like foie gras….

  2. narhvalur says:

    Really can’t understand the enormous cruelty of man….

  3. FeyGirl says:

    I simply can’t fathom the selfishness.

  4. These cruel people make me very angry.

  5. narhvalur says:

    I hope that on the final Day , God will give them the harshest punishment!

  6. Ralph says:

    I pressed LIKE meaning HATE THESE FARMERS. Take care. Ralph x

  7. Lindy Lee says:

    One good reason to be vegen…

  8. narhvalur says:

    It’s nice with vegan people…..

  9. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. amberafrica says:

    This is very, very sad how cruel humans can be!!!!!

  11. narhvalur says:

    I learn every day how cruel humans are! Now my neighbors are complaining that I feed the birds!!!!

  12. amberafrica says:

    We feed the birds too, so just go ahead. 🙂

  13. Ralph says:

    I am with amberafrica on this. Feed the birds !! 😀

  14. narhvalur says:

    There has been a big quarrel now re the birds and they let me feed them on an other place currently.

    Soon they will stop me from feeding the birds there too!

  15. narhvalur says:

    Yep, I will continue until they call the police!

  16. Ralph says:

    Is there a by-law in your neighbourhood forbidding your feeding the birds ??

  17. narhvalur says:

    Neighbors can complain there will be mice and rats and then it’s forbidden:(. Still for 20 years I have only seen very few cute house mice.

  18. Ralph says:

    Seems like your neighbours ARE the rats and mice 😉

  19. narhvalur says:

    Really can’t understand some of them! Ann

  20. amberafrica says:

    Really I cannot see why 😦

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