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December 27th; A Day With Spring Feelings!

10 C this morning when I did go out birding. A good and nice walk with Buzzard and Swan encounters. Got as well nice Sunrise pics. The animals are not especially interested in the food today! Got a nice day! … Continue reading

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Same Old Molotov–Ribbendorf Pact Again:(((( Lufthansa Calls Estonians As Russians:(((((

 Photo: Postimees    

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Barents Observer: Alarm Over Kara Sea Permafrost Thawing

Alarm over Kara Sea permafrost thawing Remember the big sinkhole on Yamal Peninsula discovered last summer? Scientists have no discovered leaking methane gas from the shelf west of Yamal. That is where Gazprom will drill. Photo: Barents Observer

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Hufvudstadsbladet Finland: ” Himalaya States It’s Possible With Co-existance With Predators Det går att leva bland hungriga björnar, farliga tigrar och glupska vildsvin. Bhutaneserna har den inställning som behövs, men de behöver ett bättre kompensationssystem. 9.1.2015 10.40 10.40 Himalayas djur bemöts med respekt Feature

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Estonia: First Eco Office Is Clear! Photo: Maaleht

Excerpt from Maaleht:  

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Sweden: The Common Buzzard—The Most Common Raptor In Sweden

The Common Buzzard–The Most Common Raptor In Sweden There are about 40000 Buzzards in Sweden, and they are a common sight along the roadsides. Similar to the Rough-legged Buzzard ,but some migrate others not. A wide variety in color from dark … Continue reading

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EIA: How Corruption Is Poisoning The Environment

How corruption is poisoning the global environment December 9, 2014 Today (December 9) is the United Nations annual International Anti-Corruption Day. While the calendar is awash with international ‘days’ marking everything under the sun (sorry, you’ve already missed World Smile … Continue reading

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