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My Brother Tops the List Of The Most Popular Doctors!

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From Anne , the Elephant, to Boo, the Dog….2011

Photo: Creative Commons The Daily Mail2011-12-31:                      The year brought riots, financial panics and natural disasters – but the stories of these adorable animals always managed to secure a place in readers’ hearts. From devastating plights to hilarious antics, these animals … Continue reading

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Endangered Birds Set Souls Souring

Corn buntings gather on a set-aside field near Devizes in Wiltshire. The sight of a healthy flock of “fat” corn buntings has got ornithologists all a flutter as it gives fresh hope to the dying breed. Numbers of the bird … Continue reading

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Endangered Species That Need Our Help In 2012

Photo: White Rhino ( Creative Commons) Huffington Post2011-12-30:                      Across the globe, hundreds of animal species face a grave and increasing threat of extinction. While many of these animals may live in remote locations, the spread of human populations and commercial … Continue reading

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Protection Of Western Ghat

Photo: WN The Hindu2011-12-29:                      The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel has proposed a three-layer system — comprising the (WGEA) Western Ghats Ecology Authority (as the apex body), the State authorities and the district ecology committees — to address the environmental … Continue reading

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Vietnam’s Tiger Population Halved In A Decade

Photo: Creative Commons m&c2011-12-30:                      Hanoi – The number of wild tigers in Vietnam shrank from 100 a decade ago to fewer than 50, an official said Friday. ‘Illegal poaching and the wildlife trade are the main…                     more »

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Hidden Cameras Reveal Endangered Rhinos

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