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My Brother Tops the List Of The Most Popular Doctors!

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From Anne , the Elephant, to Boo, the Dog….2011

Photo: Creative Commons The Daily Mail2011-12-31:                      The year brought riots, financial panics and natural disasters – but the stories of these adorable animals always managed to secure a place in readers’ hearts. From devastating plights to hilarious antics, these animals … Continue reading

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Endangered Birds Set Souls Souring

Corn buntings gather on a set-aside field near Devizes in Wiltshire. The sight of a healthy flock of “fat” corn buntings has got ornithologists all a flutter as it gives fresh hope to the dying breed. Numbers of the bird … Continue reading

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Endangered Species That Need Our Help In 2012

Photo: White Rhino ( Creative Commons) Huffington Post2011-12-30:                      Across the globe, hundreds of animal species face a grave and increasing threat of extinction. While many of these animals may live in remote locations, the spread of human populations and commercial … Continue reading

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Protection Of Western Ghat

Photo: WN The Hindu2011-12-29:                      The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel has proposed a three-layer system — comprising the (WGEA) Western Ghats Ecology Authority (as the apex body), the State authorities and the district ecology committees — to address the environmental … Continue reading

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Vietnam’s Tiger Population Halved In A Decade

Photo: Creative Commons m&c2011-12-30:                      Hanoi – The number of wild tigers in Vietnam shrank from 100 a decade ago to fewer than 50, an official said Friday. ‘Illegal poaching and the wildlife trade are the main…                     more »

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Hidden Cameras Reveal Endangered Rhinos

Photo: Creative Commons

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New SA Rhino Poaching Record

Photo: WN Mail Guardian South Africa2011-12-30:                      A record number of rhinos were poached this year in South Africa, as rising demand in Asia for their horns led to increased killings of the threatened species. At least 443 rhinos have been … Continue reading

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Dalai Lama Says Think ” World First”

Photo: AP Novosti2011-12-30:                      Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has called on people to think more of the entire world they live in rather than caring about their own interests first as a way out of the global crisis. “At … Continue reading

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Elephant Tusk Smuggling Jumps In 2011

Photo: GFDL CBC2011-12-30:                      There were a record number of large seizures of ivory in 2011 reflecting the sharp increase in illegal trade in elephant tusks, the conservation organization TRAFFIC says. There were at least 13 seizures of caches of ivory … Continue reading

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