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Tears For The River Pigs

  -10-30:                      Increasing pollution of the Yangtze River and the threat this poses to the finless porpoise is also a warning for a third of China’s population that depends on these waters. GROWING up in Huanggang, a city by the … Continue reading

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Monthly Collage—November

Will be updated with a better version within some hours

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Update II: After Many Thoughts Will Continue Blogging

Currently I have an enormous workload with paperwork, practical thingies and arranging my fathers funeral. That was why I wrote no time for blogging. It’s not really so fun to blog at my temporary blog , and there’s something wrong … Continue reading

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Humpback Whale Population Bigger Than Once Scientists Thought

Photo Courtesy: NOAA Signon San Diego 2011-10-23: Humpback whales, which are periodically seen off San Diego County, can grow to more than 50 feet in length. NOAA says the number of humpback whales roaming the northern Pacific Ocean exceeds … Continue reading

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Greenpeace: Deforestation Campaigning Led To My Deportation

Last week, I was in Indonesia. I’d travelled there to work with colleagues in Jakarta and Sumatra on our continuing campaign to end the devastation of the country’s magnificent rainforests. But after an extremely intense few days, I left the … Continue reading

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“Rogue” Man-Eating Sharks Actually Wants Whales

Photo : Wikipedia MSNBC 2011-10-25: After the attack on an American diver by a great white shark off the coast of Australia, the rumor mill is swilling with talk of a “rogue man-eating shark” that developed a taste for humans, … Continue reading

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Java Rhino Driven To Extinction According To Conservationists

The last Javan rhino in Vietnam has died, according to a report by the World Wildlife Fund Link to this video Poaching has driven the Javan rhinoceros to extinction in Vietnam, leaving the critically endangered species‘ only remaining population numbering … Continue reading

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October 25: Field Fares Are On Their W ay To The UK

Just now are the Field Fares gathered in big flocks searching for berries and on their way to the UK, when its getting colder and all berries are gone. Took a nice photo session of them today. As I have … Continue reading

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Autumn Horses In My Neighborhood

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NZ: Experts Expect Toll On Islands Rare Wildlife

Photo: Public Domain NZ Herald 2011-10-24: A team of wildlife experts spent last night on Mayor Island as freshly leaked oil from the crippled Rena made its way towards the renowned Bay of Plenty marine reserve. The five to 10 … Continue reading

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