Big Oil threatens Norwegian seabirds

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This is a video about Steller’s eider ducks.

The Norwegian Ornithological Society warns that oil drilling in the Barents Sea to the north of Norway threatens various seabird species.

These species include Steller’s eider ducks and guillemots.

Arctic birds still fit when fat: here.

Scientists have found that diving birds reach their 30s and then die quickly and suddenly, showing few signs of aging prior to death. Their findings, which will be presented at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting in Salzburg on 2nd July could help us understand the aging process, providing critical insights for our aging population: here.

Conservationists on Tuesday appealed to countries to urgently address new threats to whales, dolphins and other cetaceans as climate change opens up previously inaccessible areas of the Arctic and industries move in to new areas: here.

The persecution of environmentalists is on the rise, as pro-oil…

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