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Circuses Blow Their Top At Lion Licensing Plan

The Independent2012-11-18:                      A plan to force circuses to license all their lions, tigers and elephants – thrashed out after the Government shelved an outright ban on performing wild animals – could still drive many circuses out of business, owners … Continue reading

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Echidnas Breeding Habits Revealed

18 November 2012 Last updated at 03:13 GMT Help Scientists in Australia have unlocked the breeding habits of a small animal called the echidna, opening the way for them to save a range of endangered mammals in the wild. The … Continue reading

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Jacksonville Celebrates Migration Of Endangered Northern Right Whales

The Florida Times Union2012-11-18:                      Live entertainment, face painting and environmental table booths drew a large crowd to the SeaWalk Pavilion for the fourth annual Right Whale Festival Saturday. Below-70-degree weather and chilly winds from the beach didn’t keep Jacksonville-area … Continue reading

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BP To Pay 4,5 Billion Dollars For Deepwater Horizon Disaster

The Inquisitr2012-11-15:                      Posted: November 15, 2012 BP plead guilty to felony misconduct today for the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. The oil company will pay $4.5 billion in penalties for the explosion that killed 11 workers and sent millions … Continue reading

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Wildlife Biologist: Don’t Feed The Deer ( I Do That But It’s Important To NOT Give Them Too Strong Fodder)

If there’s one topic wildlife biologists agree on, it’s the folly of feeding  deer. Conventional wisdom is unanimous: Don’t do it. Two groups — animal lovers and wildlife farmers — feed deer. Animal lovers  pity deer when temperatures dip and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Emma Stergoulis Design:
Initially starting a business making baby booties Carola began to play around with the offcuts and her collections of vintage fabrics which were later to become the start of a new venture. Carola now…

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Originally posted on Vegan Spotlight:
Overfishing: a threat to marine biodiversity Despite its crucial importance for the survival of humanity, marine biodiversity is in ever-greater danger, with the depletion of fisheries among biggest concerns. Fishing is central to the livelihood…

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