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Two Hoverflies On A Flower With Only A Latin Name

I have asked the Swedish Natural History Museeum of the name of this plant, but it has only a Latin name ( Can’t find it right now)!

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France To Fight Ban On Foie Gras

France to fight ban on foie grasrelated news 2012-07-30 NZ Herald France will fight for the right to continue exporting foie gras, the delicacy produced by the force-feeding of geese and ducks, President Francois Hollande has pledged. A law against … Continue reading

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Huntingtdon Life Sciences Sheds Research Jobs In The East

31 July 2012 Last updated at 15:09 GMT Huntingdon Life Sciences sheds research jobs in east A downturn in orders from the pharmaceutical industry has been blamed for the job cuts Continue reading the main story Related Stories Animal lab … Continue reading

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A bill introduced late last week would forbid most sales of fur in Israel

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Enthusiastic Young Girls And Horses

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Sign No 2 : Horses

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Funny, Smiling Sign No 1

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Today’s Funny Car

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Dangers With Eco Tourism: Whale Shark Badly Hurt By Propeller

Yahoo Daily News2012-07-30:                      A whale shark nicknamed Fermin who has become a popular tourist attraction in the Philippines has been slashed across the face by a boat propeller, marine biologists report. The gentle giant — whale sharks can grown … Continue reading

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How And Why Do Cats Purr?

The Charlotte Observer2012-07-30:                      Dr. Barbara Sherman is the director of the Behavioral Medicine Service at the N.C. State Veterinary Health Complex. Here she explains the science behind those characteristic rumblings of our feline companions. Questions and answers have been … Continue reading

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