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Silver-washed Fritillary / Silverstreckad Pärlemorfjäril

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My Neighbours Will Force Me To Stop Feeding Birds And Wildlife—Otherwise They Will Turn To Court They Say

My animals and birds are NOT a nuicanse to anyone. And over a decade I have only spotted ONE rat that the fox killed btw. Humans are such depictable beings. Fortunately, I’m moving from Sweden in a month time. EVIL … Continue reading

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Proposal From Swedish Gov’t—Ban All Feeding Of Birds And Wildlife All Year Around:((((((

  The Swedish mad Gov’t proposed this some days ago. Fortunately the big Hunting Societies are against this.   Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt

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Haven’t Seen Foxy Lady For A couple Of Days But The Sausages Are Gone!

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Bird of the Day: Rufous-naped Wren (Xandari Resort, Costa Rica)

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Where Have All the Animals Gone?

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Global Wildlife Decline Driving Slave Labor, Organized Crime

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Larus Fuscus

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The Newborn Lamb

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Fungus Killing Trees in Everglades

Originally posted on Natural History Wanderings:
The Guardian reported on a fungus carried by an invasive beetle from southeast Asia that is killing trees in the Everglades. To date no way has been found to stop it. The loss of…

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