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Porpoises Problems: Gillnets

my SA2012-04-29:                      BOSTON (AP) — Fisherman Lou Williams sees plenty of harbor porpoises, usually swimming in small pods well away from his boat, unlike the herds of lookalike dolphins that get close enough to ride his vessel’s wake. A … Continue reading

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Early Stockholm City: Experimenting With City Shots—-Part 5

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Today’s Bird: OK, Guys I finally Solve It Methinks! A Hobby / Lärkfalk Did I See Today ( Quite A Rarity)

Latin name ( Text From RSPB) Falco subbuteo Family Falcons and allies (Falconidae) Overview About the size of a kestrel with long pointed wings, reminiscent of a giant swift. It has a dashing flight and will chase large insects and … Continue reading

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A Nation Of Lunatics

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Follow Me To Another Tour In The Countryside Near Stockholm

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Agroforestry Might Not Be Rocket Science But It Might Save North Korea

PhysOrg2012-04-30:                      How participatory agroforestry restored land and secured the food supply The report published online on 24 March, notes that in DPR Korea a bottom–up participatory process of developing locally appropriate agroforestry has been a revelation to many and … Continue reading

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Eagles Nest For First Time In 100 Year

Irish Times2012-04-30:                      LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent A pair of young white-tailed sea eagles have bred for the first time in Ireland in over a century. The breeding pair – a four-year old male and three year-old female reintroduced here … Continue reading

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Deadly Frog Fungus Identified In The Wild

The Examiner2012-04-30:                      The cause of the deadly decline of frogs and salamanders worldwide has been confirmed in a new study published in PLoS ONE. The fungal species Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis was identified years ago as the likely cause for mass … Continue reading

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24 New Species Lizards Face Extinction

Newstrack India2012-04-30:                      Washington, April 30 (IANS) Half of the 24 new lizard species known as skinks, all discovered on the Caribbean islands, may be close to extinction and the other half are also under threat.  Researchers led by Blair … Continue reading

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6 Reasons To Buy Heritage Pigs From Small Farms

The Miami Herald2012-04-30:                      The debacle in Michigan – with small farmers of certain heritage pigs having to kill their stock to prevent being put in jail or face a fine – has me concerned. It is the principle of … Continue reading

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