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Global Warming Makes Fish Shrink

NZ Herald2012-09-30:                      A hearty fillet of fish, already a rare treat because of over-trawled oceans, will become even more infrequent in the future when global warming starts to reduce fish size, scientists say. Researchers looked at computer models to … Continue reading

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Origin Of The Word ” Steeplechaser” In Equistrian Language!

The word origins from the Middle Ages, when farmers etc were going to the Church on Sundays and as a Finish Pole had a Steepler of a Church when they competed with each other , who had the fastest horse!

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Honey Bees Fight Back Varroa

PhysOrg2012-09-28:                      V. destructor sucks the blood (hemolymph) of larval and adult bees leaving them weakened and reducing the ability of their immune systems to fight off infections. Not that honey bees have strong immune systems in the first place … Continue reading

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Albino Humpback Whale Migaloo: Spotted Off Australia

Huffington Post2012-09-28:                      A whale believed to be Migaloo, a rare all-white humpback, recently made an appearance off the coast of Australia, CNN reports. It is the third time the whale, whose name is aboriginal for “white fella,” has been … Continue reading

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Only A Record Shot: Adult Sea Eagle In Stockholm Archipelago!

One species that have recovereded very well, since the organochloride catastrophie in the ’70s. 

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Big Life Foundation: Within 15 Years There Won’t Be Any Elephants Nor Lions Left Due To Poaching In Africa ( click on link and see the video)

Big Life Foundation: Om 15 år finns inga elefanter eller lejon kvar Av Jon Röhne Tjuvjakten har eskalerat explosionsartat de senaste 10 åren. Om utvecklingen fortsätter kommer de afrikanska lejonen och elefanterna vara utdöda redan inom 15 år. Se organisationens … Continue reading

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Giant House Spider In My House Again! A New Species For Sweden!

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Ginseng Poachers To The Woods

US News2012-09-28:                      By TODD RICHMOND, Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — They slink through the woods in camouflage and face paint, armed with tire irons, screwdrivers and hoes, seeking a plant that looks like a cross between a Virginia … Continue reading

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Japan To Set To Suspend Whale Hunt

Otago Daily Times2012-09-26:                      Japan could suspend its annual Antarctic whale hunt because the ageing flagship of its fleet needs urgent repair work. The Fisheries Agency of Japan, which oversees the country’s whaling programme, is seeking government funds to carry … Continue reading

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