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Postcard From Cameroon

My brother is in Congo and Cameroon studying Highland and Lowland gorillas.

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Insändare Svenska Dagbladet–Isbjörnar och Klimatförändring

Photo Courtesy: Public Domain

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Red Squirrel in the Garden–Part II

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Tufted Ducks and Goosanders

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Candid Cameras Help Scientists to Detect Wildlife

Public Domain Researching animals in the wild can be challenging, especially if it involves a rare or elusive species like the giant panda or the clouded leopard. To remedy this, scientists rely heavily on camera traps—automated cameras with motion sensors. … Continue reading

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Tanzania: Firm Action Needed to Save Wildlife

Photo Courtesy: Public Domain Though endowed with abundant natural resources, Tanzania is facing a great challenge in nature conservation for posterity. Rampant tree cutting and game poaching are causing tremendous destruction of the country’s natural wealth. Desertification is slowly creeping … Continue reading

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Protecting Bats–Your Opinion?

The 43 species of bats found in America are rapidly losing ground. People involved in animal welfare are concerned that natural bat habitats, like caves and tree hollows, are being destroyed, pushing bats to seek alternative housing, such as abandoned … Continue reading

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The Roe Deer Trio

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Male Goosanders

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Monday 28 , February—Lots Of Animals

A very active day with the animals of all kinds. From Squirrels, Roe Deers to Seabirds. The Roe Deers have been sleeping in the Garden again.

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