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Thoroughbred Yearlings Playing

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International Workshop on Dugongs in Sarawak

LAWAS (Sarawak): A three-day Southeast Asia regional workshop on the dugong, a protected species under the Sarawak Wildlife Protection Ordinance, commenced Wednesday with delegates from 11 countries deliberating on the latest efforts to protect the vulnerable marine mammal. The workshop, … Continue reading

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How to Save a Bugs Life!

If you want to protect a bug, think small. That is the message to be gleaned from different plans to conserve Britain’s most threatened species of small life, from large and colourful butterflies and dragonflies to the unsung hordes of … Continue reading

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Light and Dolphin

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Most Threatened : Freshwater Fish

Among those at the greatest risk of dying out are several species from UK   rivers and lakes including the European eel, Shetland charr and many little   known fish that have become isolated in remote waterways in Wales and   Scotland. Others … Continue reading

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White Wagtail With Friend

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Chiffchaff / Gransångare

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