Most Threatened : Freshwater Fish

Among those at the greatest risk of dying out are several species from UK   rivers and lakes including the European eel, Shetland charr and many little   known fish that have become isolated in remote waterways in Wales and   Scotland.

Others critically endangered include types of sturgeon, which provide some of the world’s most expensive caviar, and giant river dwellers such as the Mekong giant catfish and freshwater stingray, which can grow as long as 15 feet.

The scientists have blamed human activities such as overfishing, pollution and   construction for pushing so many species to the brink of extinction.

They also warn that the loss of the fish could have serious implications for   humans. In Africa alone more than 7.5 million people rely on freshwater fish   for food and income.

The precarious status of the species has been revealed in interim results from   the International Union for Conservation of   Nature’s Red List assessment of freshwater fish.

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