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The Right Elephant Stuff

Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell, who teaches at the Stanford University School of Medicine, writes from Etosha National Park, Namibia, where she is studying elephant societies. Sunday, July 24 The air is warming as August approaches. The pain of leaving weighs heavily on … Continue reading

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Soon Autumn Is Here—Part III

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Federal Plan To Save Northern Spotted Owl is Overkill

After years of trying to save old-growth forests, the preferred habitat of the northern spotted owl, federal managers are proposing to kill thousands of its competitor, the barred owl. Guest columnist Len Yannielli argues the approach is entirely wrong. By … Continue reading

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Leatherback Turtle Migrations, Habitats, Mapped in the Pacific Ocean

redOrbit2011-07-29: Endangered leatherback sea turtles migrate and forage across vast areas of the Pacific Ocean and Indo Pacific seas and require greater international collaboration for their protection, according to a recent study conducted by NOAA Fisheries Service and western Pacific … Continue reading

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Att Jobba På Djursjukhus

Min kompis Maria ( fingerat namn) jobbar som Veterinärassistant på Albano Djursjukhus. Hon tycker att arbetet är tungt pga att människor, speciellt gamla tanter, inte vill avliva sina dödsjuka , lidande hundar. Hon säger att djuren lider kolossalt men tanterna … Continue reading

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Helt Fel Att Ändra 48 timmars Lagen För Viltrehabilitering–Part II

Man får kalla kårar när man läser vissa delar av manifestet. 1) Att vilda djur inte känner obehag i fångenskap. I decennier har djurrättsaktivister kämpat att både vilda och tama djur inte skall vara i fångenskap, nu försöker dessa människor … Continue reading

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VICTORY! Cows are out on the Pastures !

As you recall I wrote to Community Veterinarian etc and asked why a farmer had dispense to have his livestock indoors during summer! Ok , everything is solved now , and the cattle is out on pastures! Hurray!

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