What is being done to save black rhinos from extiction and where is this happening?


Answer by Rory Young:

Black rhinoceros

In short, not enough.

Since the recent economic rise of China the demand for rhino horn has been equalled by the ability of those who want it to pay huge amounts of money for it. Ther is a mass slaughter of rhinos going on right now.

It happened in the early 90s as well but was stabilised and then the population of black rhinos doubled in size again in Africa. Nearly all of these were in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Unfortunately this time the threat is so much worse.

The largest population of both black and white rhinos is in Kruger National Park. There are under three thousand white rhinos and about three hundred black rhinos. Rhinos are being killed in the Kruger at a much faster rate than they can breed. Most of the animals poached are white rhinos. That is becauseā€¦

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