Mercy For Animals Reveals Shocking Animal Abuse At Livestock Auctions

Photo: Mercy For Animals


PR Newswire2012-05-31:                      Animal Protection Group Reveals Graphic Hidden-Camera Footage of Animals Being Kicked, Beaten, Stomped on and Left to Die, in Clear Violation of California Law , May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Mercy For Animals (MFA), a national animal protection organization based in , released shocking hidden-camera video footage of severe animal abuse and neglect at Ontario Livestock Sales, one of the oldest and largest livestock auctions in . The video footage, which led to 21 cruelty to animals charges against seven employees and the auction’s owner, shows sheep, goats, pigs

See their shocking video here:


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5 Responses to Mercy For Animals Reveals Shocking Animal Abuse At Livestock Auctions

  1. That is horrid….makes me so angry! I do pray that someday all those who have beaten and harmed any animal will suffer…I do believe God sees them. He loves His animals and one of these days they will be accountable….that is awful awful awful!

  2. narhvalur says:

    That is exactly as I see it as well…on the Final Day of Justice , the abusers will get the most awful punishment and the abused animals will go to Heaven!

  3. Amen:) Amen! People who this to animals deserve what they get….no animal should have to suffer ever. Every animal desires to live and I know that God loves each one…and the animals love us…each in their own way. I think when we do all get to heaven someday that I will be helping and working with all the animals:) They all have my heart!

  4. boyd hore says:

    GEE i hope the laws of KARMA catch up with these people , it really makes me sick when i see and know of this sort of treatment being handed out to poor defenceless animals . No wonder my blood pressure is way up .

  5. narhvalur says:

    Once upon a time I was soo angry and wanted to do revenge.
    Now Iäm Christian and my hope lies within that on the Final Day of Justice these abusrers will get the hrashest punishmnt ever!

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