Millions Of Greenfinches Have Died In Scandinavia And The UK By The Parasite Trichomonas gallinae



IMG_1332Greenfinch numbers fell following the arrival of trichomonosis

Trichomonosis is the name given to a disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae. It has been recorded in a number of garden bird species and is widely acknowledged to be the causal factor in the rapid decline of the British Greenfinch population that was first noted in late summer 2006. The disease is also known as ‘canker’ when seen in pigeons and doves, and as ‘frounce’ when seen in birds of prey. It has been known as a disease of cage birds for some time.

Species affected:

Although known from pigeons, doves and birds of prey for some time, the disease came to prominence in summer 2005, when it was first noted in British finches. Epidemics of the disease occurred in 2006 and 2007, with smaller scale mortality events noted in subsequent years. Greenfinches and Chaffinches are the species that have been most frequently affected, but the disease has also been documented in other garden bird species, including House Sparrow, Dunnock, Great Tit and Siskin.


Saudi prince accused of slaying 2,000 near-extinct birds while on safari in Pakistan

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by John Hall

A Saudi prince has been accused of killing 2,000 birds that are on the verge of extinction while on a safari holiday in Pakistan earlier this year.

Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud – who is commonly known as Fahd bin Sultan – is said to have killed 1,977 near-extinct houbara bustards while on a 21-day trip to Chagai in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in January.

An additional 123 bustards – which are covered by laws to protect endangered species – were slaughtered by members of the prince’s travelling party, bringing the total killed to 2,100.

Fahd bin Sultan, 63 -the governor of Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province and the second eldest son of late Crown Prince Sultan – is accused of hunting illegally in protected areas, according to a report by Karachi-based Dawn News.

The website claims to have seen a document titled ‘Visit…

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Victory For The Barnacle Geese In Täby Community, Sweden! Won’t Be Culled! :)))

Personal engagement in a small scale in environmental and animal rights issues could sometimes be very succesful.

I read in my local paper in Sweden, that my Community was going to cull a larger number of Barnacle Geese in my Community , because they defacated too much! :((((

I called personally the hunter and local politicians and protested and at the same time launched an online protest, together with Stacey, this had a positive impact on the opinion and now the politicians have decided to cancel all future culling of the geese! :))))

All this can be read in today’s local paper.





Today in Speciesism: Pretending That Dairy Cows Have Bodily Integrity

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An article over at the New York Times has the following headline: “With Farm Robotics, the Cows Decide When It’s Milking Time.” This headline is trying to suggest that dairy cows have bodily autonomy. And yet, the dairy industry is only able to thrive by forcing cows to become pregnant and by taking away their calves immediately after giving birth. There is absolutely no way a cow can maintain her bodily integrity and be a dairy cow. Cows do not decide when to get pregnant. Cows do not give away their babies. Cows are forced into pregnancy and then their calves are taken away.  The calves must be taken away, because if they drank the milk that is meant for them, then us humans cannot consume it. The article glosses over this little exploitation (emphasis mine):

But farmers said output generally increased with robots because most cows like…

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The Dark Side Of Horse Racing: Two Race Horses From My Local Race Track Escaped, And Were Found By Locals Who described The Horses As Totally Mad Of Fear And Sweating Profoundly Out Of Anxiety

My local newspaper in Täby, that harbours Sweden’s largest race track,Täby Galopp, writes on its main page , that two race horses escaped from the track, and the Police found them in gardens in the local Community, totally mad out of fear and sweating profoundly out of anxiety.

A normally treated horse runs always to the stable, but these tortured animals want to run away from their tormenters , that don’t understand that horses hate these competitions that make them totally crazy of fear and anxiety.


Tribal Textiles in Zambia

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Elephant, Tribal Textiles

Elephant, Tribal Textiles

I came upon a community of artists in Zambia a few years ago, and thought you would be inspired by their story.

We were on a self-made safari adventure in a remote area of Zambia, Africa, visiting South Luangwa National Park.  It was incredibly isolated, I sometimes cannot believe what we went through to get there.  I’ll tell you about that another time.  Like the ferry we used to cross the Zambezi River, a river that in most countries would have a bridge and drivers would be across in less than a minute.  Here some people waited in line two days to cross.

Tribal Textiles, Zambia, Africa

Tribal Textiles, Zambia, Africa

One morning before our game drive I complimented the lodge manager on the table linens.  She told us about the shop down the road that made them, suggested we visit the shop, owned and operated by Zambians.  So we…

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Bird of the Day: Least Sandpiper chick (Churchill, Canada)

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In hands of trained researcher

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