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Sweden: An Ugly Middle Aged Red-neck Killing Brown Bears. Would Like To Spit In His Face!

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BBC: Swedish Pirate Bay Man Arrested

Pirate Bay co-founder ‘TiAMO’ arrested in Thailand Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij has been convicted of aiding copyright infringement Continue reading the main story Related Stories Pirate Bay founder gets jail term Pirate Bay fugitive Sunde arrested Danish trial for Pirate … Continue reading

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Sweden Still Only Showing Victoria Silverstedt, An Ex Model, Farting Around Between Sweden, Hollywood And St. Tropez, And Nazi Queen Silvia As Role Models

 Photo: Wikipedia  Photo: SVT.se

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Putin’s Ace :Said Who Has Not Wanted To Attack Sweden!

”Vem har inte velat attackera Sverige?” 9 pikarSå används Ikea för Sverige-hån.

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I Have No Enemies—Despite That I Talk Like A Moron

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And then says Sweden: The US is An Imperialistic Nation And Estonians Are Without Teeth and Stinking. And Then Says The Police About An Criminal: Looks Like Somebody From The Baltic States Or Gypsies

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Finland Choses Estonia Before Sweden. Estonias President Says Sweden Is A Hole In the World Security

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The US President Had To Tell Sweden’s Governement To Be Less Anti semitic

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A Nature Mix

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Sweden: Lövsättra Forest; Part IV

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