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My Father , A Doctor And WWII Veteran Said, Humans Gonna Kill Each Other To Extinction Including All Fauna And Flora

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World’s Most Famous Writer’s Have Been Russian Such As Tolstoy; Dostojevski

And Tolstoy was vegan and hated to harm anything. He is my all time most popular person. He wrote the classics War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

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I Disagree Also With The Bible / Christian Church, Stating That ” Man Was Made Of God , To Exploit Nature And Animals”

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Foxy Lady: Who Is Spreading The Lies That We Animal Rights Activists Are Neonazis?

On the Internet you unfortunately can read such stuff that Hitler was a vegetarian, that the nazis were against vivisection that the Nazis loved Nature and Animals, that Nazis are against religious slaughter! Shall I for example hear, with a … Continue reading

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The Cruelty Behind The Nice Wrapped in Meat At The Super Market

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Why Love One But Eat The Other?

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Flora: Corn Sow-thistle ( Have to think about other things than cruelty to animals)!

I have a goal and that is to research my local environment ‘s Flora and Fauna. Get to know ALL species from Fungi to Whales. I have been totally destroyed by the article about bear bile farming in China , … Continue reading

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