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Hufvudstadsbladet Finland: ” Himalaya States It’s Possible With Co-existance With Predators Det går att leva bland hungriga björnar, farliga tigrar och glupska vildsvin. Bhutaneserna har den inställning som behövs, men de behöver ett bättre kompensationssystem. 9.1.2015 10.40 10.40 Himalayas djur bemöts med respekt Feature

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Sweden: The Common Buzzard—The Most Common Raptor In Sweden

The Common Buzzard–The Most Common Raptor In Sweden There are about 40000 Buzzards in Sweden, and they are a common sight along the roadsides. Similar to the Rough-legged Buzzard ,but some migrate others not. A wide variety in color from dark … Continue reading

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Estonia: Padeste Monarchy From 11th Centuary

  Photo: Ann Novek

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Sweden: More and More People Want To Join NATO, Due To Russian Increased Military Activity / Aggression In Near Neighborhood. Swedes Want More Money For The Military.

 Photo: Ann Novek

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A Fantastic Beginning Of The Day! Foxy Lady Is Back! She’s Fat And Have A Glamorous Fur And Tail! :))) Photo: Ann Novek From A Previous Encounter!

  Photo: Ann Novek ( A Previous Encounter)  

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Large European Carnivore Are Increasing And Can Co Exist With Humans, According To Journal Science

  Large European carnivores are increasing and co-existing with people finds a new study The brown bear, the Eurasian lynx, the grey wolf and the wolverine all have stable or increasing populations in Europe. This European situation showcases that it … Continue reading

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Greenpeace:Russia, The World’s Worst Oil Polluter; Russia Spills Oil Into The Arctic Ocean–The Amount Of Seven Deep Horizon Catastrophies —Every Year!

Photo:  Greenpeace International    

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