Russia’s ‘Ark’ & the Race to Database All Life on Earth

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State-funded Russian media reported that the Moscow State University (MSU) is developing the world’s first all-inclusive DNA database of all living things on our planet.

Affectionately called a “Noah’s ark”, Viktor Sadivinichy, head of MSU explained that this database is a “depository – a databank for the storing of every living thing on Earth, including not only living, but disappearing and extinct organisms. This is the challenge we have set for ourselves.”

Sadininichy added: “It will enable us to cryogenically freeze and store various cellular materials, which can then reproduce. It will also contain information systems. Not everything needs to be kept in a petri dish.”

Biomaterials will be collected and stored from “all of MSU’s branches”, including “the Botanical Garden, the Anthropological Museum, the Zoological Museum.”

In conjunction with the physical collections, all MSU “departments will be involved in research” predominately poised to “promote participation by the university’s younger…

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