Can You Be a Feminist and Drink Milk?

Exposing the Big Game

December 16, 2014 by Liz Weske

Listen up, ladies (and men who care about women’s rights, duh!), because this one’s for you:

As an animal rights activist AND a feminist, I’ve always felt that it’s important for us women and girls to recognize the connection between feminism and the treatment of cows used by the dairy industry. While this may sound like a stretch at first, here’s why:

All cows who are used for their milk are female—in case ya didn’t already know that!

Cows and Calf We animalsFemale cows don’t need to be milked. Female cows produce milk for the same reason that human women do: to feed THEIR babies. On factory farms, calves are torn away from their mothers so that the momma cow’s milk can be saved for human consumption (we’re the ONLY species that drinks another species’ milk regularly—so weird!). This is what it looks like:

cows running after babies gif

Cows produce milk only after they’ve…

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