Today’s Wildlife Picture From The Guardian

It is a western pygmy possum native to southern Australia and was taken on northern Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.   "The pygmy possum was caught during a field trip at a site where it has been studied for 20 years to investigate how the pygmy possum population responds to rainfall in the semi-arid environment.   "Pygmy possums are nocturnal and weigh between 8 to 21 grams. They spend most of their time in trees, however, they do come down to the ground in order to change trees when foraging.   "Despite their small size, they can travel very quickly on the ground and this is when they can be caught in pitfall traps, otherwise known as a bucket dug into the ground."

This little western pygmy possum is actually one of the largest of its species. Native to Australia, the tiny nocturnal marsupial looks wide-eyed in the daylight as it clings to a finger

Photograph: Amanda McLean/National Pictures

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