Monumental Portraits Of Ancient Trees Reveal Some Of Earth’s Oldest Living Wonders

Emilio Cogliani

To the non-phytomaniac, the word “baobab” might as well refer to a rare breed of primates or a minuscule kind of bacteria living on the edges of eyelashes. But, for those well versed in the world of ancient trees, the term rather distinctly points to a special genus of plant life indigenous to Madagascar, mainland Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Australia. Also called “the tree of life,” baobab is the common name for Adansonia, a group of six species of trees; wild growths of trunk and foliage that all at once resemble bottle caps, umbrellas and alien life forces.

desert rose
Desert Rose (Wadi Fa Lang)

Beth Moon has positioned herself as a sort of documentarian of baobabs. In a book titled Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, the photographer reveals heart-stopping images of bulging plants reaching to the heavens and the horizon. Although she photographs other types of ancient trees, like…

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