Control Major Anti-Nature Corporations (CEFIM)

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Pursuit of Profit by the CEFIM

Nature conservation requires participation in politics.  Here’s the outline of a political problem to consider:   Large multinational corporations often pursue profits without regard for the consequences.  We can limit corporate impacts in three major ways:  We can divest our holdings in the largest chemical, energy, finance, insurance, and military corporations (CEFIM), we can stop purchasing their products, and we can support politicians (yes there are some) that oppose corporate power over government.

End Corp RuleDivesting, boycotting, and voting.  I listed brief bits of useful information for CEFIM corporations below.  If you want to get involved, you might wish to pick one industry and follow links to gather information and find top protests to support.  Then pick your politicians and go to work!

Chemical Industry

On everyone’s mind just now are the pesticides that are killing the bees and butterflies.  A social media push to…

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