This Guy Was Also Taken By Karma And Died Young And Painfully Of Cancer

The Dark Side Of Horse Racing: Statement From Swedish Race Horse Trainer Champion Michael Kahn: ” The Best Thing I Know Is Cheating People Of Money”

His race horsing stable consisted of horses that never visited a paddock or pasture , and in the best case were outside the stable for 30 min. Sometimes the horses got out only 15 minutes.

He doped horses en masse, he fixed races, when he had a favourite in a

race he could say to the jockey to hold back the horse, so the odds would be better next time. He gambled on horses , which is forbidden for a horse trainer.

The most disgusting thing was that he was also a drug addict, he tried many times me to try drugs. I refused of course. How do I know this. I worked in his racing stable and had also an affaire with the guy, I stole him from his fiancee! LOL!



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