Psychology Today: Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?

Find out if You Are Team Dog or Team Cat

Find out if You Are Team Dog or Team Cat

Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person? Answer the following questions to see which category the latest research puts you in. Does it match your pet ownership? 


Q1: Do you like doing things in teams, or do you prefer to operate independently?

Q2: Do you tend to be laid back or are you a bit more neurotic?

Q3: Are you introverted, or are you more outgoing?

Q4: Do you tend to do your own thing, or are you more likely to follow the crowd?

Q5: Are you direct or subtle in communication style?

Q6: Would people describe you more as thoughtful or helpful?



A1: teams = dog person; independent = cat person

A2: laid back = dog person; neurotic; cat person

A3: introverted = cat person; extroverted/outgoing: dog person

A4: do your own thing = cat person; follow the crowd = dog person

A5: direct = dog person; subtle = cat person

A6: thoughtful = cat person; helpful = dog person



5 dog, 1 cat; 4 dog, 2 cat = Dog person

3 dog, 3 cat = Animal lover. Or maybe get a pet rock.

5 cat, 1 dog; 4 cat, 2 dog = Cat person

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