My Mother And Father During WWII

1939. My father was only 17 years old, but one night two Soviet s.oldiers came and fetched him on a truck and took him to a military camp. They treated him OK, he never had any issues with the Russians. It seems like he didn’t do anything special.  He could continue to go in school, as he came into Medical School in Treffner, Tartu.

1944. He was at Treffner School, and was recruited by force by the nazis, he didn’t do anything special, he remembers and laughed I was dead frightened of the Soviet female soldiers hiding in the field. My biggest fear was if I had to go to Stalingrad. He had Medical skills , so no real Soldier he had never been, that’s why never got any traumas from WWII.

He fled to Sweden and continued immediately Medical studies. He also fled with his sister and my uncle, who both were doctors in a boat over the Baltic Sea. Not to boast but my Uncle was a heart surgeon in Sweden, he had a macabre name in Estonian, that could be translated as the wolf hunter. He had been a nazi POW, but fought only for the Estonians, he had a real strong dislike for nazi Germany.

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