I’m Going To Sue Swedish Authors PO Engquist And Marika Åhström Tomorrow In An International Court For Crime Against Humanity. I Found That They Spied For Soviet Union In A Soviet File As KGB Agents! LOL!

Marika Åhström, the famous Swedish stalinist author, wrote that the Baltic people killed Jews on order of Stalin!

If only the Estonians had taken contact with the Wiesenthal Centre at once! Estonia was nominated by the Rabbis as the best country in Europé to live in.

Every article on Jews in Estonia, states it was the Soviets who deported Estonian Jews to Siberia.


Author PO Engquist , famous Swedish author , and professor in the US !!!!!!!! wrote histories biggest historian falsification on order of the Soviets, in books Legionärerna and Baltutlämningen, describing the same thing that Estonian killed Jews. How does it come that I, Ann Novek, with as some say is Jewish name is still alive after having our family living at least 600 years in Estonia.

If you Google a little you find PO Engquist profile in Soviet files in Russian.

I want a big sum of money from these persons!

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