Estonia: Wolf In Webcam View

VIDEO: Wolf in webcam view

Video recorded by Pinkeluza, LK forum
Translation Liis
Wolf        Hunt or susi      Canis lupus
The wolf seemed to know the surroundings well in order to dare move at the edge of the lighted circle at ten in the evening. It was a solitary but large animal; the same animal was seen this morning (Wednesday), 12 hours later, about a kilometre from the webcam, moving in a field.
In previous years we have heard in the microphone wolf howls and the distress scream of a roe deer as the wolves killed it , but we had not dared hope to see a wolf in the lit-up camera area.
If it is a male, its height at withers can be about three-quarters of a metre, body length more than 1.20 meters, the fluffy tail reaching down to the hock is about half a metre and weight just under 50 kilos. Younger members of boar flocks that get left behind the fleeing herd are the objects of prey. Large prey for a solitary wolf may be roe deer as well as foxes – we have seen both in the webcam.
Mats Kangur, editor of Loodusesõber magazine, has recorded an encounter with wolves in the previous weekend with an illustrative series of photos
The panicked boars were running  helter-skelter and for their lives. While even large boar herds generally move in an orderly row then now they had been running on a broad front. The boars know that the wolf picks the ones left behind the herd. The sudden turn to the right, into shelter of the wood, was caused by a wolf galloping at the left flank of the boar herd. The second wolf kept to the back, moving on the other side of the herd, on the forest verge.
The gallop of the wolf changed over to canter just before the herd turned to the right
Without slowing down the wolf threw itself flat on its belly in the snow as if trying to hide. The long track streaks on the surface of the snow illustrate its running speed.

Lying on its belly the wolf considered its next move – it rose calmly and continued the hunt, following the herd that already was crashing about in shelter of the forest.

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