Kristof in NY Times on “Abusing Chickens We Eat”

Animal Rights

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has so often highlighted the plight of animals abused in the US food system, does so again today, Thursday, December 04, with a column titled, “Abusing Chickens We Eat.” (Page A31.)

Kristof discusses a misleading promotional video by Perdue in which the company’s chairman claims that Perdue chickens are humanely raised, and shares a video produced by Compassion in World Farming (a UK based group that has recently expanded into the US )taken at a Perdue farm. The video is linked directly from the web version of his column, and is described in the print version:

“It’s a hellish sight…. Most shocking is that the bellies of nearly all the chickens have lost their feathers and are raw, angry, red flesh. The entire underside of almost every chicken is a huge, continuous bedsore.”

Of the industry in general Kristof writes, “Torture a…

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