Mongabay: Endangered Environmentalists

Endangered environmentalists: investigating government crackdowns on green groups
November 19, 2014 offers journalists opportunity to report on government muzzling of environmental activists recently announced a new Special Reporting Opportunity for journalists to focus on governmental shutdown of environmental groups and NGOs.

As climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction worsen across the globe, environmental groups are responding by ratcheting up the pressure on governments and corporations to act. Groups worldwide are now employing such tactics as social media campaigns, boycotts, protests, and direct non-violent action. Many governments have responded by increasing restrictions on environmental NGOs, including revoking charity status, increasing sentences for protestors, and passing legislation restricting NGO activity. For example, Ecuador has shut down a high-profile indigenous rights group, India’s new administration has attempted to cripple Greenpeace, and Peru recently passed a law allowing police exemptions for causing bodily harm or even death, spurred on by the killings of dozens of activists at the hands of police and security forces.

Even wealthy countries once viewed as leaders of environmental protection, such as Australia and Canada, are enacting laws to make environmental protests more difficult. Amid expanding populations and dwindling resources, it’s likely the battle between governments and activists will only intensify. is opening a call for journalists to ask: why and where are governments muzzling environmental activists and groups and how will the environment movement respond?

Journalists are encouraged to apply to report on this story for Mongabay, or reimbursement for up to $3,000 in travel expenses for related reporting for third party outlets, or both. The deadline for submission is Sunday, December 14th and the application process has been simplified from the typical Special Reporting Initiatives application process.

Since its inception in June 2013,’s Special Reporting Initiative program has seen over 15 journalists tackle in-depth reporting on important environmental issues across the globe. The non-profit is excited to extend this opportunity for more writers to report on this topic from multiple angles.

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 14th

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