• LDS women taking antidepressants, and/or considering or undergoing psychological therapy, especially LDS women of color, Lesbian LDS women, and LDS women temple-married to homosexual men.
• Those concerned about women as above described.
• LDS religious counselors, and LDS professional psychological therapists who treat women as above described.


From insights gained during and after my doctoral study of the psychology of cognitive-dissonance conflict, I have for many years become increasingly concerned about the profound mental torment of numerous innocent Mormon women, especially because the tormented are so often among Mormonism’s “best and brightest” with regard to:
(a) intelligence,
(b) education,
(c) propensity for clear rationality,
(d) sense of factual conscientiousness.

During the last six years I have conducted extensive research, consisting partly of interviews conducted face to face and by telephone, fax and e-mail, of nearly three hundred individuals as described below…

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