LOL! Ragnhild ” Rags” Jacobsson , The Perfect World Foundation, Wrote To Me That Her Company, Was Going To Employ A Special Person, That Only Dealt With Sabotage Work Against Me! Photo: Animal Leaks: Warning Graphic Content Of Gov’t Subidized Fur Farming In Norway!

mink and fox. Norwegian fur farms. 

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Animal Protection Norway and Network for Animal Freedom reveals the new horror pictures from Norwegian fur farms. Fur industry has received numerous attempts to “improve animal welfare.” Nevertheless, we can for the fourth time since 2008 reveal extensive animal cruelty on Norwegian fur farms.

A Government Committee is now considering (2012-2013) the industry should be prohibited in Norway. Fur farming can never be consistent with good animal welfare. We therefore expect that the government will start arranging fur industry.

In summer and autumn, the two animal protection organization made ​​unannounced inspections of 24 fur farms from Troms in the north to Agder in the south. Many thousands of pictures and several hours of video documentation from fur farms show that mink and fox suffering on Norwegian fur farms every day.
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