Estonia: Wolf Book Presentation At Natural History Museeum

Wolf book presentation on Friday in Museum of Natural History

Magazine Loodusesõber invites you to wolf book presentation
Translation Liis
The wolf was chosen as the first Animal of the Year by a quite large party: the Eesti Theriological Society, Looduskalender, Estonian Society for Nature Conservation, Looduse Omnibuss, Tallinn Zoo, Estonian Museum of Natural History, Estonian Fund for Nature, Estonian Forest Society and magazine Loodusesõber. The large working party was justified – the year turned out well filled with activities and the wolf received a great deal of attention. The knowledge of wolf researchers as well as forest roamers were documented in a comprehensive collection named „Hunt” (Wolf).
The staff of magazine Loodusesõber invites all to the presentation of the book „Hunt” on Friday, November 28th at 17.00 in the Estonian Museum of Natural History, Lai tn 29a in Tallinna.
Wolf researcher Peep Männil talks about attitudes to wolves in this and the previous century, photographer Ingmar Muusikus talks about tracks of wolf activities in the forest.
The lavishly illustrated collection of wolf stories is published in the MTÜ Loodusajakiri print series „Looduse raamatukogu”.
More details:
Helen Arusoo,
Editor-in-chief of Loodusesõber and editor of the wolf book
Mobile  5691 1921


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