Don’t Keep Foxes As Pets; On Photo Foxy Lady In Täby, Sweden

foxy lady 110. Foxes

With the exception of the tiny Fennec fox (or the domesticated Silver/Siberian Fox), I don’t recommend keeping Arctic or Red foxes as pets.  They can become very tame, but never fully trustworthy and are especially dangerous around children.  They are far from being domesticated.  They also have a musky odor that is far worse than a ferret‘s.  They have teeth like any other canine and if scared they may resort to their wild instincts and cause you or someone else harm.  Most states will destroy a pet fox if a bite is reported because there is no vaccination protocol. More »


Before acquiring any type of pet you should do your research and fully understand what owning that species of animal requires of you. Food availability, finances, enclosures, safety, environments, and your schedule and availability should all affect this decision – alongside common sense.

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