Band Aid #30… Do they know it’s time for some more shameless self-aggrandisement?

Blurred Worlds

Well, they’re at it again…Bob Geldof and his emmisaries of altruism, riding in on their chargers to save Africa with a carefully exploited release of Do They Know It’s Christmas. Before I go on, let me add the disclaimer now:

  • I’m not against charity;
  • I’m not against promoting good causes;
  • hell, I’m not even against anyone buying the single … anything that will help to bring the current outbreak under control can only be a good thing.

It’s the rank hypocrisy and shameless self-promotion that I drawn the line at. Yes, it’s good that an estimated £1m has been raised for charity from the release of the single (there seems to be no mention which charities exactly), but all of a sudden it’s Bob Geldof that’s going to save poor old Africa again, this time from the menace of Ebola. From a very illuminating piece in the Telegraph, Bryony…

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