Resistance To Yellow Fever

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Mosquito Mouthparts Mosquito Mouthparts Annually, over a quarter million people (mostly in the tropics) are estimated to contract yellow fever and about 30,000 die, a rate slightly over 10 percent. This rate does not reflect the experience in all populations. The United States suffered from sporadic yellow fever outbreaks until the early 1900s, when methods of mosquito control and sanitation finally succeeded in disrupting major epidemics. In these epidemics, it was noted anecdotally that far more people of European ancestry died of yellow fever that those of some African ancestry. There was some suggestion that American Blacks were immune to the disease. Recently Blake and Garcia-Blanco* conducted a retrospective study of 6 yellow fever epidemics in the US with adequately detailed records of disease and mortality. They investigated several factors which might be correlated to mortality rates, including genetics. Interestingly, they found no difference in yellow fever incidence in the Caucasian and…

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