Is Animal Testing Ethical? Ban Almost All Animal Testing! It’s Useless, According To Many Medical Scientists

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Image courtesy of Morguefile. Image courtesy of Morguefile.

In the United States, an estimated 26 million animals are used for scientific and commercial testing each year. Mice, chimpanzees, cats and dogs are just a few creatures that are subjected to inhumane and cruel tests in laboratories and research facilities across the nation. The Animal Welfare Act signed into law in 1966 regulates and protects the treatment, transportation, sale and handling of certain animals on certain grounds. The regulations and guidelines put into place under this act coincidentally only protect warm-blooded animals like cats, dogs and rabbits, conveniently excluding birds, rats, and mice.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, animal research and experimentation facilities are required to “Promulgate humane standards and recordkeeping requirements governing the purchase, handling, or sale of animals.” Standards are also given that highlight and lay guidelines for the ethical and humane treatment of the animals. These guidelines state that…

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