This Post Is Dedicated To My Father

My father a WWII veteran lived until he was almost 90 years old, and wanted to live as long as possible , and just fade away, without any ceremonies.

He said, if you just knew how poor we were, only getting one present or gift for Christmas, but we were HAPPY!

My father, not at all a big athlete guy,but quite handsome, had never ridden a horse until he was 70 years old, and without a single fear rode a skittish race horse!

He was a doctor, his main interest, otherwise he had been a bumblebee scientist. He could every bumblebee species, and told me when I was a child,  which bumblebees were most aggressive or not. He had detected already between WW1 and WW2 in Estonia, that  Buff-tailed Bumblebees wereleast aggressive to sting humans. Urumesilane in Estonian and Stor Jordhumla in Swedish.


 Photo: Wikipedia, Buff-tailed Bumblebee


 PR Ad In Estonian Paper Postimees, Showing Young Estonian Teenagers

Photo: Postimees


 Photo: Screnchi bumblebee In Estonia; Photo: Looduskalender


UPDATE  November 8: Finnish Ornithologist stated that submarine destroyed his Sea Eagle shots!

Fotograaf Photo: Scanpix ( From Postimees)


 Photo: Looduskalender


Update II: The US and Russia Met Before Beijing Summit


USA välisminister John Kerry (paremal) ja Vene välisminister Sergei Lavrov poseerisid ajakirjanikele enne tänast kohtumist Pekingis. Photo: Postimees ( Lavrov and Kerry)


Eesti lipud heisatakse kõigile elu-, äri- ja büroohoonetele. Order To Estonians All Estonian Flags Shall Stand Proud In The Wind Tomorrow! LOL! ( Photo: Wikipedia)


North Koreans That Have Managed To Flee From Konzentration Camps Must Work As ” Slaves” In Quatar, States The Guardian

” What’s The Huge Impact On The Environment By War” Asks The Guardian

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9 Responses to This Post Is Dedicated To My Father

  1. Sending my condolences to you Ann. Your father sounds like a hard working man, with high standards and one who set a fine example for you.

  2. narhvalur says:

    A hardworking man was his insigna.

    Thanks for your support! 😉


    I need at least a little break I’m a One Man Company / NGO. I need to edit the whole blog! LOL! 🙂

  3. inavukic says:

    What great memories enrich our lives, Ann – your father sounds wonderful and he has passed onto you the gift of loving nature. I adore your photographs and thoughts of nature and preserving it leave strong imprints. I do hope though thet you will not stop writing

  4. narhvalur says:

    I shall perhaps not post New Blog Entries, but the old ones will be improved. So please visit me again!

    Your friend,

  5. inavukic says:

    Always! I truly enjoy your posts, even when you post one sentence/title – it gets my thoughts going 🙂 Cheers

  6. narhvalur says:

    It’s thoose I gonna change ! LOL! Thanks for the tip!:))))


  7. narhvalur says:

    You’re so kind Eddie! :)))))


  8. Likewise Ann. Your sweet kindness is not easily overlooked. may all your days be filled
    with peace and harmony, Eddie

  9. narhvalur says:

    LOVE Eddie!

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