The Ecosystem That is My Backyard

Dogpaddling Through Life

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the animals that share your world with you?

Oh sure, you have a companion animal, be it dog, cat, or other animal friend.

But what other animals do you share your life with? Do you even notice them?

I share the place I live with chipmunks.

800px-Chipmunk-burrow_(exits) Chipmunk (


squirrel Squirrel (


toad Toad (

A whole host of birds: blue jays, mockingbirds, sparrows, wrens.

carolinabirds dot org Mockingbird (

Nearby lives an owl. I’ve never seen him, but I’ve heard him often in the early morning hours.

A opossum has visited once.

And there are a variety of insects.

Armadillidiidae Armadillidiidae, more commonly known as pillbug or roly poly bug (

Funny how we all live here in harmony, yet we live separate lives. I don’t feed them, and they typically don’t bother me or Rumpy, though the squirrels will sound the warning to the others when we enter…

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