New study suggests fruit & vegetable consumption correlates to greater happiness and life satisfaction

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fruitsThe findings of a recent study has provided first evidence of an association between eating fruits and vegetables and what’s called “greater eudaemonic well-being,” or “a state of flourishing characterized by feelings of engagement, meaning, and purpose in life.” The study’s findings have been published in the British Journal of Health Psychology.

405 participants in the study (young adults, 67% women) were asked to record a daily dairy for 13 consecutive days. The dairy included consumption habits (fruit, vegetables, sweets and chips) and their eudaemonic well-being, curiosity and creativity.

The findings of the study include:

  1. Fruit and vegetables (FV) consumption predicted greater eudaemonic well-being, curiosity, and creativity at the between- and within-person levels.
  2. Young adults who ate more FV reported higher average eudaemonic well-being, more intense feelings of curiosity, and greater creativity compared with young adults who ate less FV.
  3. On days when young adults ate more FV, they…

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